InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
UiMode Object Members

The following tables list the members exposed by UiMode.

Public PropertyFileNameGet the current user interface mode template file name.  
Public PropertyModeType of user interface mode.  
Public PropertyParentGets the parent object. The parent is the View object.  
Public PropertySubItemsGets a collection of subitems. Each subitem is returned as a user interface control.  
Methods and Functions
Public MethodGetChildControlByIdLocates and returns the first instance of a control with a given control ID in current sub items and/or children of those items. If no control is found, null is returned.  
Public MethodGetControlByIdReturns the first control that has the specified ID. Searches the current child items as well as all descendents.  
Public MethodLoadLoads a new user interface template file for the current session document view.  
Public MethodResetResets the collection of sub item user controls that is cached. (The UiMode sub items can be changed by editing the current selection through the UI designer or by changing the user interface template. In these cases, this call refreshes the cached collection of subitems.)  
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