InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
GetViewByTitleText Function
The title text to match
Gets the view that matches the title text.
object.GetViewByTitleText( _
   ByVal titleText As String _
) As _View


The title text to match

Return Value

The View that matches the title text, or null if no view matches it.
This sample places custom text in the title of the selected session in the InfoConnect Desktop.
Sub Sample_Frame_GetViewByTitleText()
    Dim v As Attachmate_Reflection_Objects.View
    ThisView.titleText = "ALERT!"
    'If you know the titleText, you can use it to retrieve the View object.
    Set v = ThisFrame.GetViewByTitleText(ThisView.titleText)
    'Using Focus is useful if more than 1 view is open...
End Sub
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