InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
ControlType Enumeration
Defines the type of user interface control. This collection of user interface control includes the controls that could appear in various user interface modes.
ButtonSingle button control.
ButtonGroupButtonGroup a control that contains up to three individual child controls.
ClassicMenubarMenubar control in the classic mode.
ClassicMenuItemMenubar menu item control in the classic mode.
ClassicToolbarToolbar control in the classic mode.
ClassicToolbarButtonToolbar button control in the classic mode.
ColorPickerButtonThis is a specific built-in control for picking the color.
GalleryThis is a general built-in control type, such as Quick Keys and Office Tools.
GroupGroup control is the primary control that is contained within a Tab control. This control can contain a collection of various child controls.
RibbonMain control for Ribbon mode that contains a collectio of Tab controls.
SplitButtonContainer control that has a collection of button controls.
TabTab control is the main control within Ribbon mode that contains a collection of Group controls.
UndefinedUndefined control type.
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