InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
Attachmate.Reflection.Objects Library (Productivity)
ObjectAutoComplete Implementation for the Auto Complete Productivity feature.
ObjectAutoExpand Implementation for the Auto Expand feature, a Productivity feature that learns acronyms or shortcuts that, when typed, expand to the associated complex word or phrase.
ObjectMisspelledWord Contains the attributes of a misspelled word on a host screen.
ObjectProductivity Implementation of the base Productivity feature.
ObjectRecentTyping Implementation for Recent Typing, a Productivity feature.
ObjectScreenHistory Implementation of the Screen History, a Productivity feature.
ObjectSpellCheck Implementation of the Spell Check Productivity feature.
EventAutoExpanded Raised after a word has been expanded in the session.
EventDictionaryChanged Raised when a dictionary entry is added to or removed from the Auto Complete dictionary.
EventDictionaryChanged Raised when a dictionary entry is added, edited, or removed from the Auto Expand dictionary.
EventListChanged Raised when a string is added to or removed from the Recent Typing list.
EventMisspelledWord Raised when a word is misspelled in a host session.
EventScreenChanged Raised when screens are added or deleted in the Screen History list.
EventScreenSelected Raised when a history screen has been selected.
EventSuggestionAccepted Raised when a word has been completed (that is, a suggestion has been accepted).
EnumerationProductivityOverwriteOption Enumeration of replace word overwrite values.
EnumerationSpellingLanguage Specifies the language dictionary to use with Spell Check if the Spell Check engine supports multiple languages.
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