InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
GetText Function (Screen)
The starting row position.
The starting column position.
The number of screen character positions from which to return data.
Retrieves text from the specified screen region. Text from the "wrapped" region is returned.
object.GetText( _
   ByVal startRow As Long, _
   ByVal startColumn As Long, _
   ByVal length As Long _
) As String


The starting row position.
The starting column position.
The number of screen character positions from which to return data.

Return Value

The requested string.
If the row or column parameters are outside the range of valid values (1 to Rows) or (1 to Columns), an empty string is returned.

End-of-line characters (CR/LF) can cause the returned string to be longer than the specified length parameter. The length argument specifies the number of screen bytes to get. In a single-byte character set (SBCS), the number of screen bytes is the same as the number of screen character positions from the specified start location, whether they contain data or not.

However, when the requested region includes the last character position on a line, the end-of-line characters (typically a CR/LF combination) are embedded in the returned text on all but the last line. For example, specifying startcolumn = 1 and length = 160 on an 80 character screen could return 162 bytes, due to the end-of-line characters.

In a double-byte character set (DBCS), data at the end of the reqested region can be truncated if it is not a full byte DBCS character. If the last byte is only one half byte of a DBCS character, the last byte is not returned.

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