InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
WRQFrameSize Property
Returns or specifies the total length (in characters) of a file transfer packet, including the start and end characters, but not the delimiting character.
Object.WRQFrameSize As Long
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Thrown if a value outside the range of valid values is specified.
For a VMS host, if WRQFrameSize is set to a value higher than 512 and WRQWindowSize is set to a value higher than 1, the window size is temporarily adjusted to 1 for file transfers.

If WRQFastFileTransfer is true, fast file transfers are attempted. If a fast file transfer takes place, the WRQFrameSize property is ignored.

This property is relevant only for transfers that use the WRQ/Reflection protocol.

The default depends on whether you have selected UNIX or OpenVMS defaults. See HostForDefaultSettings for details. The range of values is 32-1024.
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