InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
TransferPresetConfiguration Property
Returns or specifies a string that identifies a preset configuration for file transfer.
Object.TransferPresetConfiguration As String
Changing this property affects other transfer properties depending on the protocol and preset you are using and is equivalent to changing the Preset configuration on the Protocol tab of the File Transfer dialog box. The default and valid values depend on the current value of TransferDefaultProtocol.

Values for WRQ/Reflection default protocol:

"(Current Configuration)"

"To OpenVMS"


"Troubleshooting to OpenVMS"

"Troubleshooting to UNIX"

Values for FTP default protocol:

"(Current Configuration)"

"To OpenVMS Using Reflection FTP"

"To Unisys Using Reflection FTP"

"To UNIX Using Microsoft FTP"

"To UNIX Using Reflection FTP"

Values for Zmodem default protocol:

"(Current Configuration)"

"To BBS"

"To Host"

Values for Kermit default protocol:

"(Current Configuration)"

"To BBS"

"To CompuServe"

"To Kermit Server"

"To Remote Kermit Command Mode"

"To UNIX Shell"

Values for Xmodem default protocol:

"(Current Configuration)"

"To BBS or Host{Xmodem}"

"Using Xmodem-1K to BBS or Host"

"Using Xmodem-CRC to BBS or Host"

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