InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
TransferAutoDetectASCIIExtensionList Property
Returns or specifies which file extensions identify files to be transferred as ASCII files during file transfer using the Auto-Detect transfer type.
Object.TransferAutoDetectASCIIExtensionList As String
The default value is "txt,bat,ini,rcl".

To specify files with no file extension, use "<>".

Use commas to separate file extensions included in the string. Do not include periods with the file extensions.

The string can be up to 259 characters long.

To determine file extensions to be linked to other transfer types, use TransferAutoDetectBinaryExtensionList, TransferAutoDetectImageLabelsExtensionList, and TransferAutoDetectScanExtensionList.

To specify the type of transfer to use when a file extension is not linked to any transfer type, use TransferAutoDetectDefaultType.

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