InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
FTPUseSftpStructuredListing Property
Returns or specifies the data listing style used for SFTP connections to Secure Shell servers.
Object.FTPUseSftpStructuredListing As Boolean
When this property is false (the default), InfoConnect uses the standard UNIX-style data listing. For example:

-rw-r--r-- 1 test1 users 877 Dec 12 08:36 scapilog.txt

When it is true, InfoConnect uses the structured data list. For example:

scapilog.txt : flags(15), size(877), uid(506), gid(100), perm(33188), atime(1071246964), mtime(1071246964)

This property is relevant only for Secure Shell sessions that use the SFTP protocol. When the Secure Shell logging level is set to Debug3, both data listings are included in the logging display shown in the FTP command window.

The default value is false.
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