InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
ConnectionSettingsModem Object Properties

For a list of all members of this type, see ConnectionSettingsModem members.

Public PropertyConnectMacroGets or specifies the name of a macro that runs automatically after a connection is established. You can use the ConnectMacroData property to specify information to be passed to this macro.  
Public PropertyConnectMacroDataGets or specifies a string that passes information to a connect macro. When your connect macro runs, the value of MacroData is set equal to the value of ConnectMacroData.  
Public PropertyDisconnectScriptArgsGets or sets the text string containing the arguments to pass to a disconnect script.  
Public PropertyDisconnectScriptFileGets or sets the text string containing the name of a Reflection Basic script to run when the connection is closed.  
Public PropertyExitAllowedWhen set to true, users can exit InfoConnect and use the Disconnect command while connected to a host.  
Public PropertyExitOnDisconnectWhen set to true, InfoConnect closes automatically when you disconnect from the host.  
Public PropertyModemAreaCodeA string specifying the area code (or city code) of the number being dialed.  
Public PropertyModemCountryNameA string specifying the country of the number being dialed.  
Public PropertyModemInitStringModem command string that initializes the modem.  
Public PropertyModemLocationA string identifying the current modem location.  
Public PropertyModemModeIdentifies the modem's operating mode (Call, AutoAnswer, Answer, Direct or DialBack).  
Public PropertyModemNameText string that identifies the type of modem being used.  
Public PropertyModemPhoneNumberThe phone number to dial.  
Public PropertyModemShowDisconnectErrorsDetermines whether the "Remote Party Disconnected" error appears when the modem connection is dropped.  
Public PropertyModemUseDialingRulesWhen set to True, the TAPI modem dialer will add appropriate dialing prefixes to the number you are dialing, based on the current values of ModemAreaCode, ModemCountryName, and ModemLocation. When set to False, the modem dialer will dial the phone number exactly as specified by ModemPhoneNumber. Changing this value is equivalent to changing the "Use Country code and Area code" setting in the Connection Settings dialog box. The default value is True. This value cannot be changed if the connection is open.  
Public PropertyParentGets the parent object (Terminal).  
Public PropertyParityGets or sets the type of parity on the connection.  
Public PropertyScriptArgsGets or sets the text string containing the arguments to pass to a connect script.  
Public PropertyScriptFileGets or sets the text string containing the name of a Reflection Basic script (for example, a logon script) to run when the connection is established.  
Public PropertyScriptTypeGets or sets the type of script file, either Reflection Basic or Reflection command language.  
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