InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
Contains Function (MouseMapper)
The mouse/key combination to query for.
Returns whether the current mouse map has a mapping for the specified mouse/key combination.
object.Contains( _
   ByVal mapping As MouseButtonCombination _
) As Boolean


The mouse/key combination to query for.

Return Value

True if the current keyboard map contains a mapping for key, false if not.
Check mouse map to determine whther the WheelDown button is mapped.
Public Sub CheckForMouseButtonCombination()
    Dim combo As MouseButtonCombination
    Dim ret As Boolean
    Set combo = New MouseButtonCombination
    'Set the mouse button as mouse wheel down
    combo.WheelDirection = MouseWheelDirection_WheelDown
    'Check for the mouse button combination in the mouse map
    ret = ThisIbmTerminal.MouseMapper.contains(combo)
    If ret Then
        Debug.Print "Mouse map contains WheelDown mapping"
        Debug.Print "Mouse map doesn't contain WheelDown mapping"
    End If
End Sub
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