InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
RunRumbaMacro Method
Specifies the full path of the macro to run.
Runs a Micro Focus Rumba macro.
object.RunRumbaMacro( _
   ByVal macroName As String _


Specifies the full path of the macro to run.
System.IO.FileNotFoundException Thrown if the macro file does not exist.
The RunRumbaMacro method is supported only if the Rumba compatibility feature is installed (this feature is installed by default). When the RunRumbaMacro method is called from a VBA macro, the Rumba macro is converted to VBA code and the converted code is placed in the RUMBA_Macro module. The converted code is executed the next time the macro runs. Do not prepopulate the RUMBA_Macro module with Rumba code. This can slow execution and possibly cause other problems.
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