Installation and System Requirements
Server System Requirements
Transfer Client Requirements
Installing FileXpress Gateway
Ports and Firewall Configuration
Initial FileXpress Gateway Configuration
Enable FileXpress Connections in the FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy
Initial Logon to the FileXpress Gateway Administrator
Configure Email Support in FileXpress Gateway Administrator
Use Quick Add to Add a Transfer Site and New User
Set Up the File Storage Server
Configure Server Certificates
Security Recommendations for the FileXpress Gateway Proxy
Managing Users and Groups
Add Users to the FileXpress Directory
Delete or Disable Users
Add Users from an LDAP Server
Creating and Editing Groups
Roles in FileXpress Gateway
Add LDAP Users to the Administrators Group
LDAP Server Advanced Domain Settings
Configure Certificate User Authentication
Set Up PKI Services Manager
Managing Transfer Sites
Connect to FileXpress Gateway Administrator
Create a Transfer Site
Connect to the Transfer Client
The Transfer Client User Interface
Post Transfer Actions
Configure PTAs in Gateway Administrator
Define a PTA in Gateway Administrator
Add a PTA to a Transfer Site
Configure PTAs in Reflection for Secure IT
Define a PTA in Reflection for Secure IT
Post Transfer Action Tokens
Gateway Administrator User Interface
Transfer Sites
Transfer Site Configuration
New User
Edit User
New Group
Edit Group
Add Members
Action Configuration
LDAP Servers Tab
LDAP Server Configuration
Email Server Tab
Email Templates Tab
File Storage Tab
Authentication Tab
PKI Servers Tab
PKI Server Configuration
FileXpress Gateway System Administration
Configuring Email Messages in FileXpress Gateway
Initial Email Setup
Email Notifications
Customize Email Templates
Email Tokens
Configuring the File Storage Server
Configure File Storage on the FileXpress Proxy
Configure File Storage on an SFTP Server
Configure Additional SFTP Servers Using the FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy
Server Certificate Management
Replace the Default Server Certificate
Install a New Server Certificate: PKCS#12 File
Install a New Server Certificate: Java Keystore
Configure Your Browser to Trust a Self-Signed Certificate
Using the Keytool Utility to Manage Keystores
Run the Keytool Utility
Generate a Key Pair and Create a Keystore
Create and Submit a Certificate Signing Request
Import the CA Certificate into your Keystore
Import a PKCS#12 File into a Java Keystore
Re-encrypt a PKCS#12 file to Use Stronger Encryption
Configuration and Data Files
Gateway Administrator Properties File
FileXpress Transfer Server Properties File
FileXpress Gateway Data Files
Backing Up Gateway Administrator Data
Managing the FileXpress Gateway Services
Start and Stop the FileXpress Gateway Administrator Service
Start and Stop the FileXpress Transfer Server
Start and Stop the FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy
Change the Privileges of the Gateway Administrator Service
Reset the Gateway Administrator to All Defaults
Change the FileXpress User Access Account on the FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy
Ensuring High Availability of the FileXpress Gateway Servers
Create a Gateway Administrator Cluster
Configure Gateway Administrator for Failover and Load Balancing
Remove a Server from a Gateway Administrator Cluster
ConfigServer Command Line Utility
Configure Multiple FileXpress Proxy Servers
Set Up File Transfer Auditing
Change the JRE
Customize the Look of the Transfer Client Web Pages
Log Files
Transfer Client Troubleshooting
The Browser Cannot Display the Web Page
Password Login Fails at the Transfer Client Login Page
Transfer Client Login Succeeds but the Server Connection Fails
Server Connection Succeeds but the Transfer Fails
Certificate Authentication Fails
Managing Text File Line Endings
Password Troubleshooting
Gateway Administrator Login Page Troubleshooting
Email Troubleshooting
Post Transfer Action Troubleshooting
Server Certificate Troubleshooting
Glossary of Terms
CA (Certificate Authority)
digital certificate
Java keystore
X.509 certificate
Copyrights and Notices