Use this page to view and manage FileXpress Gateway groups. You can use groups to add members to transfer sites and to configure roles for Gateway Administrator users.

  • The default Administrators group has all roles enabled. In addition, users in this group can see and manage all transfer sites. You cannot delete this group, nor can you delete the last member of this group.
  • The default Transfer Site Administrators group has Manage user and Manager transfer sites enabled.
  • To view the Groups page, you must be a member of a group with the System setup role enabled.
  • To view the groups in an added LDAP directory, select the directory name in the drop-down list next to LDAP Server. The group list is read-only for groups in added LDAP directories; these groups are managed on the LDAP server.
  • Click on a column heading to sort the list based on the entries in that column.
  • To select multiple groups, click multiple check boxes, or use Shift+click to select a range of currently visible groups.


LDAP Server

Specifies which LDAP directory to display. The built-in FileXpress directory is available and selected by default. The FileXpress administrator can add LDAP directories using LDAP Server.


Opens New Group.

Available only when LDAP server is set to FileXpress.


Opens Edit Group.

Available only when LDAP server is set to FileXpress and only when a single group is selected.


Available only when LDAP server is set to FileXpress.

You cannot delete the Administrators group.

Filter Group

Search the selected directory for groups that contain the entered string.


Clears the filter.

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