Set Up the File Storage Server

FileXpress transfer sites use directories on a designated file storage server for file upload and download. If you are a member of the Administrators group (or have the System setup role enabled), you can use Gateway Administrator to designate which server should be used for file storage.

File storage on the FileXpress Gateway Proxy

By default, Gateway Administrator is configured to use the FileXpress Proxy server for file storage. This configuration is appropriate for initial testing, or if you use the FileXpress Proxy to manage transfers within your internal network. You do not need to modify any default settings to use this configuration.

File storage on FileXpress Proxy

For information about customizing the directory used for file storage on the FileXpress Proxy, see Configure File Storage on the FileXpress Proxy.

File storage on a back end SFTP server

If you run the FileXpress Proxy in the DMZ, you can configure FileXpress Gateway to store files securely behind your firewall, as shown below. In this configuration, data streams continuously through the FileXpress Proxy, eliminating the need to save data on the FileXpress Proxy.

File storage on back end server

For information about setting up a back end file storage server, see Configure File Storage on an SFTP Server.