Configure File Storage on an SFTP Server

You can use the following procedure to configure file storage on any SFTP server. Typically this will be a server running in your internal network. This is the recommended configuration when the FileXpress Gateway Proxy is running in the DMZ. With this configuration, data streams continuously through the proxy, eliminating the need to save files on this server. Data passed to the SFTP server is securely encrypted.

Before you begin

  • Install the Reflection for Secure IT Server on the system you want to use for file storage.

    - or -

    Designate an existing SFTP server available in your network to use for file storage.

  • Obtain the name or IP address of the SFTP server, and obtain valid user credentials for logging on to this server.

To configure file storage on an SFTP server

  1. Log on to Gateway Administrator using an account in the Administrators group (or any account that has the System setup role enabled).
  2. Go to System > File Storage and select SFTP server.
  3. Enter values for Server and Port.
    • Click Retrieve to retrieve the host key for this server.
    • For UserID and Password, enter valid credentials on this server.
    • For Base directory, click Browse and select a location available to this user. By default, the base directory is set to a subdirectory called FileXpressGateway in the directory you select. This is not required; you can edit or delete this subdirectory name.

      Note: The name and location of the base directory you configure for your file storage server is not made visible to client users. The folder name that users see when they connect is the value you specify for Transfer site name when you create a transfer site. The actual subdirectory on the file storage server is the value you specify for Directory name.

  4. Click Save.

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