Authentication Tab

Getting there

Use this tab to determine how users authenticate when they log into the FileXpress Web Transfer Client.

  • Changes made here apply to all users; it is not possible to configure password authentication for some users and certificate authentication for others.
  • Before you can use X.509 certificate authentication, you must have at least one configured PKI Services Manager running, and you need to add it to the Gateway Administrator's PKI Servers list. Reflection PKI Services Manager provides certificate verification services, and is available as a separate download from the FileXpress Gateway download page at no additional charge. For information about downloading PKI Services Manager and configuring it for use with FileXpress Gateway, see Set Up PKI Services Manager.
  • Changes made here require a restart of the FileXpress Transfer Server. By default, this restart will occur within one minute after you save your change. (This update interval is configurable in the FileXpress Transfer Server properties file using the servletengine.ssl.updateInterval setting.)

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