Transfer Site Configuration

Use the Transfer Site page to create or edit a transfer site, modify the list of users who can use this site, and configure permissions for members of this site.

  • To view this page and create or edit transfer sites, you must be a member of a group with the Manage transfer sites role enabled.


Site Configuration Options


Transfer site name

This name is visible to users of the site when they connect using the FileXpress Transfer Client.

The site name must be unique. If you specify the name of an existing site, you'll see an error message when you try to save the site.


Directory name

The name of the physical directory to be used by this site on the file storage server. By default, this value is filled in automatically with the transfer site name when you move your cursor. In most cases, you should use this default. Specify a different folder if you want your transfer to use an existing directory on the file storage server.

The directory name must be unique. If you specify the name of an existing directory, you'll see an error message when you try to save the site.


Delete directory when transfer site is deleted

Note: This setting applies only when the file storage server is set to SFTP server. Sites on the FileXpress Proxy are not deleted, regardless of the value of this setting.

When this option is selected, the physical directory on the SFTP server, and any files it contains, are deleted when the transfer site is deleted.

When this option is not selected (the default), the physical directory and its contents remain on the file storage. If a new site is created using the same directory name as a deleted site, users added to the site will be able to view and transfer any files remaining from the deleted site.



An optional description of this site. This description can be added to the Transfer site access email using the $TRANSFER_SITE_DESCRIPTION$ token.



When set to Yes (the default), the site expires at the specified date. Expired sites remain in the database, but are not available to Transfer Client users. To restore an expired site, reset the expiration date to a future date.

The default expiration is 2 years (730 days) after the site is created. This default is configurable in the Gateway Administrator properties file.


Send email notification

When set to Yes (the default), a Transfer site access email is sent to each user added to the site when you save the site.

This option must be enabled at the time users are added to the site. Changing this setting from No to Yes will not result in emails to any users who have already been added and saved as members of the site.


Custom message

This option is available when Send email notification is enabled. The message entered here replaces the $CUSTOM_MESSAGE$ token in the Transfer site access email.


Add actions

If Post Transfer Actions are available, they appear in this drop-down list. Post Transfer Actions are executed after a successful file upload. They are not available for downloads or unsuccessful transfers.


Existing User

Under Existing User, add existing users or groups to the transfer site. They can be in the FileXpress directory or in any additional LDAP directory that has been added by the FileXpress system administrator.


LDAP Server

Select the directory that you want to search.



Select whether you want to search for users or groups.


Search users...

Typing in this field initiates a search for users or groups in the selected LDAP server. Note the following:

  • The results list shows first and last names (if present) and email. Although the userID is also included in the search, it isn't displayed in the results list.
  • The results list is limited to 10 users. If the user is not visible, continue to enter more of the user's name.
  • The user or group you select is not added to the list until you click Add.


Add User

This button is available after you have specified a valid user or group. Click it to add the user or group to the transfer site list.

Users or groups you add to this list are added to the transfer site when you click Save.


New FileXpress User

Under New FileXpress User, add users who are not yet provisioned. New users are sent an Account creation email when you save this site. You must have the Manage FileXpress users role enabled to view this area.

Note: This feature relies on email registration for new users. Configure email support and test email notification before using this option. If email support is not correctly configured, the account is created, but the user will not receive an account creation email. If users are not receiving email messages, see Email Troubleshooting.



User email

When you add a user here, the email address also becomes the user's UserID. Required.


First name



Last name




Adds the new user to the list of transfer site members.

Users you add to the list this way are added to the transfer site and the FileXpress directory when you click Save.


User / Group

This list shows the currently configured members of the transfer site.

  • To remove any member of the list, click the X to the left of the user or group name.



    User / Group

    The name of users and/or groups that have been added to this site.


    LDAP Server

    The LDAP server that the user or group is a member of.



    Use these icons to view and edit when each or group receives email notifications.

    Click an icon to enable or disable notification. Pale gray icons indicate that notification is disabled.

    uploadPermission.png An email is sent each time a file is uploaded to this site.

    downloadPermission.png An email is sent each time a file is downloaded from this site.



    Use these icons to view and edit what permissions each user or group has. Pale gray icons indicate that a permission is disabled. For example, a user with the following permissions can download files, but cannot upload files or manage the site.


    Click an icon to enable or disable permissions.

    uploadPermission.png The user can upload files to the site.

    downloadPermission.png The user can download files from the site.

    managePermission.png The user is a site manager and can modify site settings and membership. By default, only the user who creates the site has this permission enabled. Site managers must be a member of the Transfer Site Administrators group (or any group that has Manage transfer sites enabled).

    Members of the Administrators group can view and manage all transfer sites. Other users can view only those sites that they have permission to manage.

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