Log on to the FileXpress Gateway Administrator

FileXpress Gateway Administrator is a web-based tool for provisioning users and configuring transfers. Use the next procedure to connect to Gateway Administrator and review the system setup options. Your initial logon resets the default administrative password.

To connect to the FileXpress Gateway Administrator and log on

  1. To start the FileXpress Gateway Administrator from the Windows Start menu, go to Attachmate FileXpress Gateway > FileXpress Gateway Administrator. (The Start Menu option is available on the system you installed FileXpress on. You can also log on from other systems using your web browser. Enter a URL in this format: https://<gateway_administrator_host>:9490. )

    Note: You will see a warning message in your browser before you see the login page. This warning shows up because the FileXpress Gateway Administrator installs with a self-signed security certificate that is unknown to your browser. For initial testing purposes, you can ignore this warning and proceed with the connection (Internet Explorer or Chrome) or add an exception (Firefox). Detailed information about replacing the self-signed certificate is available in the FileXpress Gateway Administrator's Guide.

  2. For your initial logon, enter the following credentials:

    Username: admin

    Password: secret

  3. Immediately after your first logon, you will be prompted to change the password for the admin account.

Because you will be using the default admin account in tests that demonstrate email notification, you should edit this account to specify an actual email address that you have access to. Here's how:

To update the email address of the default admin account

  1. From Gateway Administrator, click the Users tab.
  2. Select the default "admin" user and click Edit.
  3. Edit Email address and click Save.