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FileXpress Gateway...

...the secure file transfer solution

FileXpress Gateway is an intuitive file transfer solution from the security experts at Attachmate. Use it to configure secure file exchange with business partners and employees working outside your corporate network. Features include:

  • Gateway Administrator console

    This web-based tool enables administrators to modify system settings, provision users, and configure transfers.

  • FileXpress Transfer Client

    This web-based client provides an easy drag-and-drop interface for transferring files or entire directories.

  • Customizable user interface

    Customize the FileXpress Transfer Client to use branding and images that identify your organization.

  • End-to-end encryption

    All transfers are securely encrypted. When you set up file storage on a back-end server, encrypted data streams continuously through the FileXpress Gateway Proxy, eliminating the need to save files on this server. This is more secure and more efficient than file transfer solutions that require the file to be stored and then forwarded.

  • Configurable transfer site access

    Transfer site managers can provide access rights to users or groups and control how long sites remain active. Permissions settings are available to specify who can upload and/or download files and who receives email notifications.

  • Self-registration by email

    New external users can be notified via email with links provided for password creation.

  • Customizable email notifications

    Customizable email templates are available for account creation, password reset, transfer site access notifications, and file upload and download notifications.

  • Delegation of management tasks

    Administrators can assign roles to groups and/or users, allowing these users to receive email notifications and manage sites, actions, and FileXpress users.

  • Post Transfer Actions

    Use Post Transfer Actions (PTAs) to trigger automated processes after files are uploaded to your server.

  • File Transfer auditing

    Use audit logging to maintain a complete record of all file transfer activity.

  • Server clustering

    To maintain high availability, you can configure a Gateway Administrator cluster. Data in the FileXpress database is automatically replicated across all servers in the cluster.

  • Certificate authentication

    FileXpress Gateway supports user authentication with X.509 certificates. Certificate validation is managed by the Reflection PKI Services Manager, which is available at no extra charge. When certificate authentication is configured, users can authenticate using a Smart Card, or by using digital certificates stored in the operating system or browser certificate store.

  • Reflection for Secure IT server

    FileXpress Gateway uses Secure Shell technology to move data securely to your file storage server. The Reflection for Secure IT server for Windows is included in the package. You can configure FileXpress to transfer files to a Reflection for Secure IT server or any other SFTP-enabled SSH server.

  • Security updates

    Our security specialists watch for potential security vulnerabilities that might affect our products. In the event that we learn of a new vulnerability, we keep you informed and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Security fixes are our top priority.

  • Responsive technical support and comprehensive documentation

    Our documentation and support team works closely with the development team and are committed to providing you with complete, technically accurate information about all facets of our products.