Configure email support in FileXpress Gateway Administrator

FileXpress supports a number of optional email notification services. These include:

  • Account creation email for new users
  • Password reset email
  • Transfer site access notifications
  • Notifications sent to site managers and/or site members when files are uploaded or downloaded

To support these services, you need to set up the connection to your email server and configure the server address that will be used in URL links included in email messages.

To configure the email server connection

  1. Log on to Gateway Administrator using the admin account and go to System > Email Server.
  2. Set Email service to Enabled and then enter required values for connecting to your server. Click the Help icon on the Email Server tab for information about these settings. Look for this in the upper right corner: uploadPermissionDisabled.png
  3. If Check server identity is selected (the default), click Retrieve Cert.
  4. Click Test Connection.

    Note: This tests the current on-screen settings. These settings are not saved until you click Save.

  5. Click Save.

The connection test on the Email Server page confirms that the server can be reached, but does not confirm that outgoing messages will be successful. You can use the next procedure to test an outgoing email. This helps ensure that the email server settings you entered meet your email server's requirements.

To test an outgoing message using your email server settings

  1. Click the Email Templates tab. The Account Creation template is displayed by default.
  2. Below the template text, click Preview to expand this portion of the page.
  3. Enter your email address in the To box.
  4. Click Send Test Email. You should receive a sample Account Creation email.


  • The test email includes sample values enclosed in [square brackets]. When an actual email is sent, tokens in the message are replaced with actual values.
  • If this test fails, click the Help icon and search on "email troubleshooting".

Emails sent to FileXpress users include a URL that they can click on to initiate a password reset or connect to the FileXpress Transfer Client. By default, these links use "localhost" as the server name. To make these links work correctly, you need to change this default by editing the Gateway Administrator properties file, as described in the next procedure.

To configure the base server URL used in email message links

  1. Log out of the Gateway Administrator
  2. On the system running FileXpress Gateway Administrator, open the Gateway Administrator in a text editor. The default location of this file is:

    C:\Program Files\Attachmate\FileXpress\Gateway\GatewayAdministrator\conf\

  3. Locate the following lines:

    # Public facing base URL of Transfer Server (for example


  4. Replace localhost with the host address of your FileXpress Transfer Server. For example:


  5. Save the edited properties file.

    Note: Any change to the properties file requires a server restart.

  6. To restart the FileXpress Gateway server, open the Windows Services console (Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Services), select the service called "Attachmate FileXpress Gateway Administrator" and click Restart. Wait a few minutes after the server has started before connecting to the Gateway Administrator.