Create a transfer site

In the next procedure you will create a transfer site called "Test Files" and add the test user Joe to it.

To create a transfer site and add an existing user to the site

  1. If you are not still logged on, log on to Gateway Administrator using the admin account.
  2. From the Transfer Sites page click Add. This opens the New Transfer Site page.
  3. For Transfer site name, enter "Test Files" then click in Directory name to enter this same name automatically.

    The transfer site name is visible to the end user. The directory name specifies the actual physical directory that will be created on the file storage server. Unless you have a reason to specify an existing directory, it's easiest to keep these the same.

  4. Click to set Send email notification to No. (The test user Joe does not have a valid email address. You will have an opportunity to work with email notification later.)
  5. Click in the search box under Existing User and start to type "joe" to search for your test user. When you see the email "joe@test" appear, select it and click Add.

    Your transfer site now has two users—admin (the user who created the site) and Joe (the user you just added.

    Note: The results list shows first and last names (if present) and email of users who match your search. Although the userID is also included in the search, it isn't displayed in the results list.

  6. Click Save. This returns you to the transfer site list with the Test Files site added to the list.


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