File Transfer Auditing

You can use FileXpress audit logging to maintain a complete record of all file transfer activity (including both failed and successful uploads and downloads). The audit file is a comma-delimited text file with detailed information about each transfer. Audit logging is configured using the FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy. This is the same application you use when you first enabled FileXpress connections.

To enable file transfer auditing

  1. Start the FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy console (Attachmate FileXpress Gateway > FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy.
  2. Go to Configuration > Logging > Audit Logging.
  3. Select Enable file transfer auditing and save your settings (File > Save Settings).


Transfer Client UI


To view the audit log

  1. Log on to the FileXpress Transfer Client using any account for which you have configured a transfer site, and then transfer files in both directions.
  2. From the FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy console, use the audit log file toolbar button to view the audit log:

    Event viewer button