Customize Email Templates

You can customize the content and/or format of the email messages sent from FileXpress Gateway Administrator. Your customized content can use either text or HTML format.

Before you begin

To customize an email template

  1. Log on to Gateway Administrator using an account in the Administrators group (or any account that has the System setup role enabled).
  2. Go to System > Email templates.
  3. Select the template you want to customize. (Account Creation is displayed by default.)
  4. Select the user pool (FileXpress users or users in an added LDAP server) for this template. Note the following:
    • If you want to send the same customized email to both user pools, customize the template for each pool in a separate step.
    • Account Creation and Password Reset are not available for LDAP users.
  5. (Optional) Customize the Sender address, Sender name, and Subject for this email.The default tokens entered for address and name are replaced with the global values specified in the Email Server tab. You can delete these tokens and replace them with an actual address or sender name.
  6. Edit the message text using any combination of the following techniques. The text can use either text or HTML format.
    • Edit the text directly in Gateway Administrator. Click Insert token to insert a token in the current cursor position. This automatically inserts the token with the required dollar signs ($).
    • Click Import to import content you have created and saved using a text or HTML editor. To add tokens in these editors, type the token name manually, including the required dollar signs.
    • Copy and paste text into the message body.
  7. (Optional) Expand the Preview feature to preview your email or send a test email. Note the following:
    • Tokens in the preview are replaced by sample content enclosed in square brackets. For example: [myTransferSite]. In actual generated email, the brackets do not appear and the sample content is replaced by actual content.
    • To send a test email, enter an email address and click Send Test Email. This test can help you determine if your email server is correctly configured and supports your current values for Sender address and Sender name.
  8. Click Save.
  9. (Recommended) Because the preview email messages do not show how token replacement is actually handled, you should follow up a successful preview test with a test of an actual email notification.

Sample HTML content

The following example shows a sample HTML alternative to the Transfer Site Access email.


<font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">

<p>You have been given access to the following FileXpress transfer site: <b>$TRANSFER_SITE_NAME$</b>.</p>

<p>Click here $TRANSFER_SITE_LINK$ to connect and transfer files.</p>



<p>Sent from Attachmate FileXpress Gateway</p>



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