Transfer Client Requirements

The FileXpress Transfer Client is a Java applet that runs in a web browser. Client workstations must meet the following requirements.

  • Users must be running one of the following supported browsers. JavaScript and cookies must be enabled.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 9 or later, Windows only)

      Note: To connect to the Transfer Client using Internet Explorer running on Windows Server, disable Internet Explorer enhanced security (IE ESC) for administrators and users.

    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Apple Safari (version 6.1 or later, Mac only)
  • Java must be installed.
    • Users who don't have Java installed will see a message with information about how to download Java when they first try to connect. Java is available free of charge from the Oracle website:

Connections from other Secure Shell Clients

This guide describes how to manage transfers from user workstations using the FileXpress Gateway Transfer Client, but using this client is not a requirement. FileXpress users can also use the Reflection for Secure IT Secure Shell client, the Reflection FTP Client configured for SFTP transfer, or any other SFTP-enabled SSH client.