Customize the Look of the Transfer Client Web Pages

By default, the Transfer Client uses Attachmate FileXpress names and images. You can modify these web pages so that Transfer Client users see a page title and the images that identify your organization.

To customize the Transfer Client web pages

  1. Create a folder called custom in the webapps folder:

    <install path>\TransferServer\services\webxfer-ui\webapps\custom

    Note: Making changes in this location ensures that your modifications remain in place after a server restart or application upgrade. Changes made in other locations, or to the existing files, are not guaranteed to remain in place.

  2. Locate the custom-example directory in webapps and copy the contents of this folder into your custom folder.
  3. Edit title.html, replacing the sample title "Custom File Transfer" with the page title you want displayed in the user's browser.
  4. View the contents of branding.css. This file configures images and related colors. Edit the styles to suit your design, create appropriate images as defined in this file, and replace the sample images with your custom images.
  5. Connect to the Transfer Client or refresh the browser display to view the changes.