Reset the Gateway Administrator to All Defaults

FileXpress Gateway Administrator installs a reset batch file that resets the Gateway Administrator to the original shipping state. Running this batch file has the following effects:

  • Deletes all users and groups you have added to the FileXpress LDAP server and restores the default "admin" account.
  • Deletes all transfer sites.
  • Deletes all post transfer actions.
  • Restores all system settings to the original defaults.
  • Deletes any queued actions and emails.


Caution: Resetting the Gateway Administrator removes all saved users, transfer sites, and system settings. Use this option only to clear the data after initial testing, or if you cannot access the server with any available credentials and understand that all existing data and customizations will be lost.

To reset the Gateway Administrator to factory defaults

  1. On the Gateway Administrator computer, open a command window using the "Run as administrator" option. (Start > All Programs > Accessories, right-click Command Prompt > Run as administrator.)
  2. Navigate to GatewayAdministrator\bin in the FileXpress Gateway installation folder. The default location is:

    C:\Program Files\Attachmate\FileXpress\Gateway\GatewayAdministrator\bin

  3. Enter the following command:


    You will see a prompt asking if you want to reset the Gateway Administrator to its initial state.

  4. Press Y.

    Without any further confirmation, the script stops the service, removes all saved user data and system settings, then restarts the service.

  5. Wait a few minutes, then connect to the Gateway Administrator and log in using "admin" and "secret".