Transfer Client Login Succeeds but the Server Connection Fails

The initial login to the Transfer Client succeeds and the Transfer Client user interface displays, but the user does not get a successful connection to the server.

Problem: The message "Connection failed: <User name>" appears in the menu bar next to the Logout button and no error message dialog box is displayed.

  • Confirm that the FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy service is running. On the FileXpress Proxy server, open the Windows Services console (Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Services). Confirm that "Attachmate FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy" is started.
  • If you are using a firewall, confirm that port 22 is open inbound to FileXpress Proxy server.

Problem: A dialog box appears with the error message "User authentication failed. Exit Code 14" or the "Connecting" message hangs and is not followed by a successful connection. To troubleshoot these problems, start the FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy console (Start > All Programs > Attachmate FileXpress Gateway > FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy.

  • On the FileXpress Users pane, confirm that Allow access to FileXpress users enabled.
  • On the FileXpress Users pane, click Activate and verify. The Web service connection dialog box will display a series of messages. If the connection is successful, the last message will read "Web service connection has been verified." If you see this message, the configuration changes made might have corrected the problem.
  • If you configured a User account, confirm that the credentials are valid. On the FileXpress Users pane, click Select account. Select the account name, click Edit, then click Test.
  • Are there permissions settings denying login access? Check the Permissions pane and the Access Control panes. You can also determine if permission is denied by looking for warning messages in the FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy server log file.

Problem: A dialog box appears with the error message "Unable to Initialize."

  • Are you connecting from a Windows server using Internet Explorer with enhanced security enabled?

    Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager. In the Server Manager, click the top node (Server Manager) Under Server Summary, expand Security Information, and click Configure IE ESC.

Refer to the FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy log file for additional information. To confirm that the client applet is working and able to connect to the server, look for "Connection from" followed by the client IP address. Check the timestamp and look for messages that follow the connection you are troubleshooting.