The Browser Cannot Display the Web Page

Problem: The browser displays a message saying it is unable to display the Transfer Client log in page.

  • Is the Transfer Server running?

    Open the Windows Services console (Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Services) and confirm that the Attachmate FileXpress Transfer Server is started.

    Note: It might take awhile after the service has started in the Windows Services console before you can log in. To confirm that all startup processes are complete, open the Transfer Server server.log file and look for "Verastream Server Container started."

  • Is the required port open in the firewall?

    Check that port 9492 is open inbound on the system running the FileXpress Transfer Server.

  • Is the server certificate correctly configured?

    See Server Certificate Troubleshooting.

Problem: The browser displays the message, "HTTP ERROR 403 Problem accessing /webxfer/ui/. Reason: Forbidden"

  • This message may appear if you launch an additional FileXpress Transfer Client in a browser session that already has run the Transfer Client. To resolve the issue, close all instances of your browser, then connect to the Transfer Client.