Email Templates Tab

Getting there

Use this tab to customize the email notifications sent from FileXpress Gateway.


Template list

Use this drop-down list to select the template you want to edit. See Email Notifications for a description of when each template is used.

User type

Select FileXpress user to customize templates that are sent to users added to the FileXpress LDAP server. Select LDAP server to edit templates sent to users in an added LDAP server.

The default templates are the same for both groups, with the exception of the Password Request template.

Account Creation and Password Reset are not available for LDAP users.


Opens a browse dialog box that you can use to import content from a file created with a text or HTML editor.

Restore Default

Restores the default content for the selected template.

Sender address

Emails that use the selected template will show that they are from this email address. You can use the default token or delete the token and enter an email address here. Some email servers require that this be a valid user.

The GLOBAL_SENDER_ADDRESS token enters the Sender address value specified in the Email Server tab.

Sender name

Emails that use the selected template will show that they are from this user.

The GLOBAL_SENDER_NAME token enters the Sender name value specified in the Email Server tab.


The subject line that will appear in the email.

Insert token

Use this list to insert a token in the current cursor position in the message body. Tokens must be preceded and followed by a dollar sign ($). The dollar signs are added automatically when you use Insert token. You can also type token values manually.

The list shows the tokens that are supported for the currently selected template.

Tokens for which no value is available are omitted from email messages. 

Body of message

The body can be provided in text or HTML format.

You can edit this area directly, or use Import to import content from a file created with a text or HTML editor.


Click the Preview heading or the arrow to expand the preview area.

Tokens in the preview are replaced by sample content enclosed in square brackets. For example: [myTransferSite]. In actual generated email, the brackets do not appear and the sample content is replaced by actual content.

To send a test email, enter an email address in the To field and click Send Test Email. This test can help you determine if your email server is correctly configured and supports your current values for Sender address and Sender name.

Note: Because the preview email messages do not show how token replacement is actually handled, you should follow up a successful preview test with a test of an actual email notification.


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