HowTo's and Example Code

Retrieving or Entering Screen Data

Saving Screen Data for Auditing

Customizing or Changing the Reflection Interface

  • Dynamically Change the User interface

    Dynamically show or hide controls on the user interface at runtime to provide a customized user experience. You can also enable or disable controls and change the actions that are mapped to controls.Learn More »

  • Change Themes to Control Look and Feel

    Change themes at runtime to modify the fonts, cursor, background colors or other properties. Learn More »

  • Change Keyboard Mapping "on the Fly"

    Allow users to quickly switch keyboard maps in a session or change a keystroke mapping in a customized keyboard map without changing other keystroke mappings. You can also automatically change a keystroke mapping when a specific screen is identified. Learn More »

  • Add Graphical Controls To Terminal Screens

    Add buttons, list boxes, date pickers, and other modern controls to your IBM 3270 and 5250 terminal session screens. With these controls, you can add buttons that run macros or perform other actions, replace old-style numbered list options with drop-down lists, and perform other actions to improve user productivity. Learn More »

  • Customize the Open Systems Display

    Dynamically customize the Open Systems display to adjust for changes such as column width. Learn More »


Working with Sessions

Handling Security Issues