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Terminal Object Members

The following tables list the members exposed by Terminal.

Public PropertyAllowColorTableChangesGets or sets whether Reflection responds to host commands that are related to color table changes.  
Public PropertyAllowJISGets or sets whether JIS escape sequences are allowed when other host character sets are selected.  
Public PropertyAnswerBackGets or sets a string that is sent to the host when Reflection receives an Enq character from the host.  
Public PropertyAutoAnswerbackGets or sets whether the answerback message (set with the AnswerBack property) is automatically sent to the host after a communications line connection.  
Public PropertyAutoConnectGets or sets a value that specifes whether to attempt a host connection as soon as the current settings file is loaded.  
Public PropertyBellEnabledGets or sets whether a bell sounds when the ASCII bell character (decimal 7) is transmitted from the keyboard or received from the host.  
Public PropertyBlockTerminatorGets or sets a block terminator character to be transmitted at the end of each block data transmission.  
Public PropertyCacheSecureShellUserNameGets or sets whether Reflection caches the user name entered for a Secure Shell session.  
Public PropertyCharacterSetTranslationEnabledGets or sets the character set translation state.  
Public PropertyCitrixIPAddressGets the IP address for a connection to a Citrix host.  
Public PropertyCitrixPCNameGets the PC name returned by a Citrix host.  
Public PropertyCitrixUserNameGets the Username value for a Citrix connection type.  
Public PropertyClearDisplayOnDisconnectGets or sets how Reflection handles the display memory when you disconnect from the host.  
Public PropertyCodePageGets the current DOS code page.  
Public PropertyConnectingSettingsBestNetworkGets the _ConnectingSettingsBestNetwork object.  
Public PropertyConnectionErrorGets the error number that describes the specific cause of the most recent general connection failure (if the last returned error has the value ErrConnectionError).  
Public PropertyConnectionErrorMessageGets the text string that describes the specific cause of the most recent general connection failure (if the last returned error has the value ErrConnectionError).  
Public PropertyConnectionIDGets the Long value that uniquely identifies the current connection.  
Public PropertyConnectionSettingsComSerialPortGets the _ConnectionSettingsComSerialPort object.  
Public PropertyConnectionSettingsModemGets the _ConnectionSettingsModem object.  
Public PropertyConnectionSettingsRLoginGets the _ConnectionSettingsRLogin object.  
Public PropertyConnectionSettingsSecureShellGets the _ConnectionSettingsSecureShell object.  
Public PropertyConnectionSettingsTelnetGets the _ConnectionSettingsTelnet object.  
Public PropertyConnectionSettingsVTMgrGets the _ConnectionSettingsVTMgr object.  
Public PropertyConnectionTimeVisibleGets or sets whether the Reflection status bar displays the amount of time you are connected to a host.  
Public PropertyConnectionTypeGets or sets the connection type.  
Public PropertyContextMenusGets the ContextMenus object.  
Public PropertyDASOApplicationIDRetrieves or assigns the application ID to use for DASO (Digital Certificate Access Server Automated Sign On) support.  
Public PropertyDASOPassTicketRetrieves the pass ticket for DASO (Digital Certificate Access Server Automated Sign On). This field will be empty until a successful call to GetDASOPassTicket is executed.  
Public PropertyDASOSessionNameRetrieves the session name that is used for DASO (Digital Certificate Access Server Automated Sign On). The session name and DASO application ID are used by the DASO server when mapping the current user to RACF logon credentials for host access.  
Public PropertyDASOUserIDRetrieves the RACF USERID for DASO (Digital Certificate Access Server Automated Sign On). This field will be empty until a successful call to GetDASOPassTicket is executed.  
Public PropertyDataStreamTranslationGets or sets whether Reflection translates characters from the host to the PC, and vice versa, using the current translation table.  
Public PropertyDefaultHostSettingsGets or sets whether Reflection uses default settings appropriate to a UNIX or OpenVMS host.  
Public PropertyDefaultPrinterGets or sets the default printer for printer output.  
Public PropertyDeviceResponseGets or sets how Reflection responds to a primary device attribute request from the host (usually when logging on).  
Public PropertyElfAtochemEmulationGets or sets whether Elf Autochem terminal emulation is enabled.  
Public PropertyEnquireAcknowledgeGets or sets whether Reflection uses a form of handshaking called Enquire Acknowledge.  
Public PropertyEnterKeyConnectsGets or sets how Reflection responds if the ENTER key is pressed when not connected to a host.  
Public PropertyFileTransferGets the FileTransfer object.  
Public PropertyForceC1ControlsGets or sets whether Reflection interprets characters from certain host character sets as control codes.  
Public PropertyGraphicsDestinationGets or sets the destination of graphics when you print using the ReGIS hard copy command.  
Public PropertyGraphicsFixScreenGets or sets whether the onscreen graphic is periodically updated from the offscreen graphic.  
Public PropertyGraphicsLevelUse this property to match Reflection to the capabilities of a digital printer with regard to aspect ratio, horizontal grid size, background printing, and color printing.  
Public PropertyGraphicsOutputCursorGets or sets whether the graphics output cursor is displayed.  
Public PropertyGraphicsPrintModeGets or sets how graphics print.  
Public PropertyGraphicsScrollingGets or sets whether sixel images are scrolled.  
Public PropertyGraphicsTerminalTypeGets or sets which terminal is emulated, and how many shades or colors are available in ReGIS.  
Public PropertyHorizontalCouplingGets or sets whether the column in which the cursor is located remains in the terminal window regardless of how the terminal window is resized, or which screen font size is used.  
Public PropertyHorizontalScrollBarVisibleGets or sets whether the horizontal scroll bar is visible.  
Public PropertyHostCharacterSetGets or sets the host character set Reflection uses when transmitting and receiving characters.  
Public PropertyHostDescriptionFileNameGets or sets the name and location of the host description file that is used by the GetHostElement method.  
Public PropertyHostsFileGets or sets the file path for the file that is used to populate the Host name/IP Address Drop-down list on the Create New VT Document dialog box.  
Public PropertyHostStatusLineGets or sets the current host status line display.  
Public PropertyHostTriggerCharacterGets or sets the host trigger character value.  
Public PropertyIsConnectedGets the value that indicates whether Reflection is connected.  
Public PropertyIsDataCarrierHighGets whether the data carrier signal is high.  
Public PropertyIsGraphicsSupportedGets a "graphics supported" flag.  
Public PropertyIsWinMASSSupportedGets or sets whether WinMASS software support is enabled.  
Public PropertyKeyboardMapperGets the KeyboardMapper object.  
Public PropertyLocalEchoGets or sets whether the local computer should "echo" typed characters directly to the screen.  
Public PropertyLogToSerialDeviceGets or sets whether data logged by the terminal is sent to the currently configured serial device.  
Public PropertyMacroGets the Macro object.  
Public PropertyMacrographReportsEnabledGets or sets whether macrograph reporting is enabled.  
Public PropertyMappedNumLockPreservesNumLockGets or sets how Reflection responds to a NUM LOCK key press on the PC after the key has been mapped to emulate the action of a terminal key.  
Public PropertyMouseMapperGets the MouseMapper object.  
Public PropertyMouseShapeGets or sets the appearance of the mouse pointer in the terminal window.  
Public PropertyNationalReplacementSetGets or sets the set of character translations that occur between the local computer and the host in 7-bit mode.  
Public PropertyNRCEnabledGets or sets whether the translations specified by the NationalReplacementSet property should be performed.  
Public PropertyOnLineGets or sets whether Reflection is in remote mode or local mode.  
Public PropertyPreserveNRCGets or sets Digital terminals reset national replacement mode when a soft reset occurs.  
Public PropertyProcessDataCommGets or sets whether Reflection processes incoming characters between calls to Reflection methods.  
Public PropertyProcessInvalidKeystrokesGets or sets how Reflection handles invalid keystrokes.  
Public PropertyProductivityGets the Productivity object.  
Public PropertyReGISAlwaysGraphicsModeGets or sets ReGIS Graphics mode.  
Public PropertyReGISBufferSizeGets or sets the size of the buffer reserved for caching ReGIS graphics.  
Public PropertyReGISV6Gets or sets how ReGIS graphics images are handled.  
Public PropertySaveScrollingRegionGets or sets a save state for the scrolling region.  
Public PropertySaveSecureShellUserNameGets or sets whether Reflection saves the user name when you save your settings files or record a connection macro.  
Public PropertySaveSessionOnCloseGets or sets the close option, which indicates how to handle the save action when closing the control.  
Public PropertyScreenGets the Screen object.  
Public PropertySendKeyboardModifierPrefixGets or sets whether a SHIFT, CTRL, or ALT key press sends an escape sequence and, if the key is pressed in conjunction with other keys, prefixes the escape sequence to outbound data, in VT-UTF8 emulations.  
Public PropertySerialDevicePortGets or sets the serial port on the PC that is used as the terminal serial device port.  
Public PropertySerialDeviceSettingsGets or sets the configuration parameters for the currently configured serial printer port.  
Public PropertySerialDeviceToHostGets or sets whether data received from the currently configured serial device port is sent to the host.  
Public PropertySessionLimitsNSVTGets or sets the maximum allowable number of simultaneous VT-MGR sessions.  
Public PropertySessionLimitsRloginGets or sets the maximum allowable number of simultaneous Rlogin sessions.  
Public PropertySessionLimitsSecureShellGets or sets the maximum allowable number of simultaneous SecureShell sessions.  
Public PropertySessionLimitsTelnetGets or sets the maximum allowable number of simultaneous Telnet sessions.  
Public PropertySingleByteUPSSGets or sets which Digital UPS character set is used when SET HOST-CHARACTER-SET is set to a double-byte character set.  
Public PropertyStartupConnectionGets or sets the saved connection that is used when the StartupAction property is set to UseSavedConnection.  
Public PropertyStatusLineTextGets or sets the current status line text.  
Public PropertyTAPIVersionGets or sets the Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) that Reflection uses to connect the PC to telephone services.  
Public PropertyTerminalSoundGets or sets how beeps sound in Reflection.  
Public PropertyTerminalTypeGets or sets the terminal that Reflection is to emulate.  
Public PropertyTextFileCharacterSetGets or sets whether Reflection uses the ASCII or ANSI character set.  
Public PropertyThemeGets the Theme object.  
Public PropertyTimeSinceConnectedGets the time (in seconds) during which you have been connected.  
Public PropertyTraceFileNameGets or sets the name of the trace file that is created when Trace Session Start is true.  
Public PropertyTraceFolderGets or sets the location of the folder where Reflection saves trace files created when Trace Session Start is true.  
Public PropertyTraceSessionStartGets or sets the Reflection Trace utility to begin tracing the moment Reflection starts.  
Public PropertyUiControlActionMapperGets the object used to map actions to the user interface control and to retrieve the action sequence from the user interface control.  
Public PropertyUseIPv6Gets or sets how Reflection communicates with a host using the IPv6 and older IPv4 protocols.  
Public PropertyUseModemDialerV5Gets or sets the modem dialer that is used to make modem connections.  
Public PropertyUserDataGets or sets data for the duration of the current Reflection session.  
Public PropertyUserDefinedKeysLockedGets or sets whether the host can alter the definitions of the user-defined keys.  
Public PropertyUserFeaturesLockedGets or sets whether certain features can be changed by the host.  
Public PropertyVBCommonProjectVB common project from VBA  
Public PropertyVBProjectVB project from VBA  
Public PropertyVersionGets the version of the terminal session control.  
Public PropertyVerticalScrollBarVisibleGets or sets whether the vertical scroll bar is visible.  
Public PropertyVT640CompatibleGets or sets whether Reflection switches back and forth automatically between Tektronix and VT terminal emulation when it receives VT640-compatible control characters from the host.  
Public PropertyVTTekGets or sets the VT340 Tektronix state.  
Public PropertyWeakDeviceControlStringGets or sets the device control string state.  
Public PropertyWindowRowsGets or sets the number of lines displayed on screen.  
Public PropertyWTSIPAddressGets the IP address returned by Windows Terminal Server (WTS).  
Public PropertyWTSPCNameGets the PC name returned by Windows Terminal Server (WTS).  
Public PropertyWTSUserNameGets the user name returned by Windows Terminal Server (WTS).  
Public PropertyWyseAcceptNullsGets or sets whether the terminal will accept nulls from the host (for Wyse terminal emulation only).  
Inherited Properties
public PropertySessionFilePathGets the session file path.  
Methods and Functions
Public MethodCloseCloses the terminal session with the close option.  
Public MethodCloseAllConnectionsCloses all connections established by the current copy of Reflection.  
Public MethodConnectConnects to the host. It is ignored if a connection already exists.  
Public MethodDialDials a modem. This method is only valid if Reflection is set to use the old modem dialer (UseModemDialerV5 = true).  
Public MethodDial2Dials a modem. This method is only valid if Reflection is set to use the old modem dialer (UseModemDialerV5 = true).  
Public MethodDisconnectDisconnects from the host. If no connection currently exists, this method is ignored.  
Public MethodExecuteExecute a given action. Actions possible is defined in InputMapActionID.  
Public MethodGetDASOPassTicketIssues a request to the Reflection Security Gateway for a DASO pass ticket. On success, the DASOUserID and DASOPassTicket properties will be valid and can be used for automated sign on to the host. The application ID can be preset using the DASOApplicationID property in which case the ApplicationID parameter on this call may be empty.  
Public MethodGetSerialConnectionStatisticsReturns a statistic for a serial connection.  
Public MethodHangUpHangs up the modem by sending the Hayes "+++" command to get the modem's attention, followed by the "ATH" hangup command.  
Public MethodOpenSettingsOpens a setting file.  
Public MethodProcessTraceProcess a trace file created by StartTrace()/StopTrace().  
Public MethodResetTerminalExecutes a terminal reset.  
Public MethodRestoreDefaultRestores the session settings to the default settings, as specified by the restore option value.  
Public MethodResumeConnectionResumes a previously suspended connection (suspend connections with the SuspendConnection method).  
Public MethodSaveThis method saves all settings.  
Public MethodSaveAsSaves all settings to the specified file.  
Public MethodStartLoggingStart logging terminal activity.  
Public MethodStartTraceStarts capturing data coming from the host to a disk file.  
Public MethodStopLoggingStop logging terminal activity.  
Public MethodStopTraceStops capturing incoming host data to a file and closes the trace file.  
Public MethodSuspendCurrentConnectionSuspends the current host connection (so that it can be resumed later with ResumeConnection).  
Public MethodWaitForCallInitializes the modem to automatically answer an incoming call and opens a status dialog box until a connection has been established.  
Public MethodWaitForCall2Initializes the modem to automatically answer an incoming call and opens a status dialog box until a connection has been established.  
Public MethodWaitForCall3Initializes the modem to automatically answer an incoming call and opens a status dialog box until a connection has been established.  
Public EventClosedThis event occurs before the session closes.  
Public EventClosingThis event occurs when the request to close the session has been made.  
Public EventConnectedThe event occurs after the connection to the host has been made.  
Public EventConnectingThis event is triggered immediately before a connection is made.  
Public EventConnectionResumedThis event is triggered when the suspended connection to the host has been resumed.  
Public EventConnectionSuspendedThis event is triggered when the connection to the host has been suspended.  
Public EventCreditCardRecognized

This event occurs when an unredacted Primary Account Number (PAN) is copied from the terminal (for example, when the PAN is copied to the clipboard).

This event is enabled by configuring settings on the Setup Information Privacy dialog box. For more information, see "Logging Credit Card Access" in the Reflection VBA Guide.

Public EventDisconnectedThe event occurs after the connection to the host has been disconnected.  
Public EventSettingsLoadedThis event is triggered immediately after a settings file is opened.  
Public EventSettingsLoadingThis event is triggered immediately before a settings file is opened.  
Public EventUserDisconnectingThis event is triggered before Reflection disconnects from the host.  
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