InfoConnect for Unisys VBA Guide
ConnectMacroData Property (ConnectionSettingsVTMgr)
Gets or specifies a string that passes information to a connect macro. When your connect macro runs, the value of MacroData is set equal to the value of ConnectMacroData.
Object.ConnectMacroData As String
System.ArgumentException This exception is thrown if the set parameter is longer than the maximum allowed.
The value of the MacroData property changes whenever you pass macro data to a macro. (If you run a macro using the Macros dialog box, macro data is specified in the Macro data box. If you run a macro using the RunMacro method, macro data is specified with the second argument.) The ConnectMacroData property stores a fixed value that sets the value of MacroData whenever your connect macro runs. The default value is "". This string can be up to 260 characters long. Value can be changed with an open connection.
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