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ThemeCursor Object Members

The following tables list the members exposed by ThemeCursor.

Public PropertyCursorBlinkRateGets or sets the speed at which the cursor blinks in the terminal window.  
Public PropertyCursorShapeGets or sets the appearance of the cursor in the terminal window.  
Public PropertyGraphicsCrosshairColorGets or sets the color of the graphics cross hair cursor in a 3179G terminal session.  
Public PropertyGraphicsCursorShapeGets or sets the shape of the graphics cursor in 3179G terminal sessions.  
Public PropertyHorizontalCursorSpeedReturns or specifies how many character spaces to move the cursor, either to the left (on LeftDouble function), or to the right (on a RightDouble function).  
Public PropertyParentGets the parent object. The parent is the ITheme object.  
Public PropertyRestrictCursorMovementReturns or specifies whether the cursor is restricted to input fields in the terminal window.  
Public PropertyRulerCursorTypeGets or sets the appearance of the ruler cursor.  
Public PropertyRulerCursorVisibleGets or sets whether the ruler cursor is visible.  
Public PropertyVerticalCursorSpeedReturns or specifies how many lines to move the cursor, either up (on an UpDouble function), or down (on a DownDouble function). function).  
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