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Macro Object Members

The following tables list the members exposed by Macro.

Public PropertyDataGets or specifies a string variable that can be used as data during macro execution.  
Public PropertyParentGets the parent object.  
Public PropertyRecordingReturns whether the macro recorder is currently recording.  
Public PropertyRecordingPausedReturns whether the macro recorder is currently paused.  
Public PropertyScriptGets the current macro recording script, if any. Returns an empty string if no script is currently recording.  
Methods and Functions
Public MethodGetMacroNamesGets a list of existing macro names.  
Public MethodPasswordBoxOpens a dialog box containing a prompt and a text box for user input, and returns the contents of the text box after the user clicks OK. The text entered into the text box appears as asterisks on screen. This method returns an error if the user clicks Cancel.

Public MethodPauseRecordingStarts recording a macro in the current terminal session.  
Public MethodResumeRecordingResumes recording a macro in the current terminal session.  
Public MethodRunExternalLegacyReflectionMacroRuns a legacy Reflection macro from an external file (that is, not from a settings file currently in use).  
Public MethodRunHostExplorerMacroRuns a HostExplorer macro.  
Public MethodRunLegacyExtraMacroRuns a legacy EXTRA! macro.  
Public MethodRunLegacyReflectionMacroRuns a legacy Reflection macro.  
Public MethodRunLegacyReflectionMacroFileRuns the legacy Reflection macro that in the specified macro file.  
Public MethodRunMacroRuns a macro that takes a single parameter.  
Public MethodRunMacro2Runs a macro that takes no parameters.  
Public MethodRunMacro3Runs a macro that takes an array of parameters.  
Public MethodRunPcommMacroRuns an IBM Personal Communications macro.  
Public MethodRunQwsMacroRuns a QWS macro.  
Public MethodRunRumbaMacroRuns a Micro Focus RUMBA macro.  
Public MethodShowMacroDialogDisplays the Run Macro dialog box.  
Public MethodStartMacroRecordingStarts recording a macro in the current terminal session.  
Public MethodStopMacroStops a currently running macro. Does nothing if a macro is not running in the current terminal session.  
Public MethodStopMacroRecordingStops the macro recorder in the current terminal session, and saves the macro.  
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