InfoConnect for Unisys VBA Guide
Attachmate.Reflection.Objects.Emulation.Common Library
ObjectContextMenu Provides methods and properties for interacting with a terminal session's context menu
ObjectContextMenuItem Represents an individual item within a context menu.
ObjectContextMenus Defines properties and operations on the collection of context menus currently defined in the session document
ObjectFieldAttributes Defines valid values used to determine a field's attributes.
ObjectHostField HostField represents a field on the host screen that includes field attributes, a start position, and a field length.
ObjectHotspot Maps a key to a sequence of one or more input actions.
ObjectHotSpots Obtains or specifies information that pertains to hotspots behavior.
ObjectInputMapAction An action that can be mapped to something in an input map.
ObjectInputMapActionSequence A set of zero or more actions that can be mapped to a mouse button, a key, or a context menu item.
ObjectKeyboardMapper Provides the ability to view keyboard mappings for the terminal session, and to remap keys programmatically.
ObjectKeyboardMapping Maps a key to a sequence of one or more input actions.
ObjectMacro Methods, properties, and events associated with running or recording macros in Reflection.
ObjectMouseButtonCombination Represents the state of a particular mouse button mapping.
ObjectMouseMapper Provides the ability to view mouse mappings for the terminal session, and to remap mouse button combinations programmatically.
ObjectMouseMapping Maps a mouse button/modifier key combination to a sequence of one or more input actions.
ObjectScreenCharacter ScreenCharacter represents one character on the host screen.
ObjectScreenPoint ScreenPoint represents a coordinate of a row and a column on the host screen.
ObjectScreenRegion Defines an area on the host screen for selecting text.
ObjectTheme Theme object represents a visual theme in the application.
ObjectThemeColor Provides implementation of properties and methods to get and set terminal colors within a Reflection theme.
ObjectThemeCursor Cursor configuration properties for the current Theme.
ObjectThemeFont Font configuration properties for the current Theme.
ObjectThemeSounds Sounds configuration properties for the current Theme.
EnumerationContextMenuItemType Specifies a type of context menu item
EnumerationControlKeyCode Defines valid values for control keys.
EnumerationCursorBlinkRateOption Defines values that specify the speed at which the cursor blinks in the terminal window.
EnumerationCursorShapeOption Defines values that determine the cursor's appearance in the terminal window. Defines valid values for control keys.
EnumerationFieldType Defines valid field type values.
EnumerationFindOption Determines the direction to search for text on the screen.
EnumerationGetTextArea Defines options that specify how to handle the screen data between Start Row/Col and End Row/Col.
EnumerationGetTextAttr Describes the field types to return.
EnumerationGetTextFlags Specifies formatting options.
EnumerationGetTextWrap Specifies screen wrapping characteristics.
EnumerationHostGraphicsTypeOption host graphics types
EnumerationHotspotsMouseButtonOption Specifies options for mouse button to use when invoking hotspots
EnumerationHotspotStyleOption Specifies options for how hotspots appear on the screen
EnumerationInputMapActionID Actions that can be mapped to keyboard maps or mouse maps.
EnumerationKeys Specifies key codes and modifiers.
EnumerationMacroDestinationOption Indicates the location to which a macro is saved.
EnumerationMacroEnumerationOption Indicates the source of the macros.
EnumerationMouseButtons Constants that define which mouse button was pressed.
EnumerationMouseClickCount Number of clicks for a Mouse Map mapping.
EnumerationOpenUrlActionLocationOption Valid values for the second parameter to the openURLAction action. This determines where to open the URL that is specified in the first parameter.
EnumerationScreenColor Defines host screen colors specified by the host.
EnumerationSelectionMode Specifies the type of a selected region (Stream or Block).
EnumerationTerminalAttributeOption Identifies a host terminal attribute.
EnumerationTextComparisonOption Defines options that indicate how text is compared against the text on the host screen.
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