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HotSpots Object Properties

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Public PropertyDefaultHotspotMapNameGets the path and filename that the Save method saves a hotspot to when the location defined by the HotspotsMap property is read-only.  
Public PropertyHotspotsDoubleClickGets or sets a value indicating whether a double click is required to activate the hotspot.  
Public PropertyHotSpotsEnabledSpecifies or determines whether hotspots are enabled.  
Public PropertyHotspotsMapGets or sets the current hotspots definition file.  
Public PropertyHotspotsMouseButtonGets or sets a value indicating the mouse button used to invoke hotspots.  
Public PropertyHotSpotStyleGets or sets a value indicating the way that hotspots should appear on the screen.  
Public PropertyMappingCollectionGets a set of all the hotspots that have been mapped in the current hotspot map.  
Public PropertyMatchCaseGets or sets a value indicating whether hotspots are case sensitive.  
Public PropertyOtherDelimitersGets or sets a value indicating other character(s) to use as hotspot delimiters when the UseOtherDelimiters property is set to true.  
Public PropertySpaceDelimiterGets or sets a value indicating whether the whitespace created by pressing the spacebar is to be used as a hotspots delimiter.  
Public PropertyUseOtherDelimitersGets or sets a value indicating whether the contents of the OtherDelimiters property are to be used as additional hotspots delimiters.  
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