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Attachmate.Reflection.Productivity Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassAutoCompleteAcceptedEventArgs Event arguments for Auto Complete suggestion accepted event.
ClassAutoExpandEventArgs Specifies event arguments for the Auto Expansion event.
ClassMisspelledWordEventArgs Event arguments for spelling that handle misspellings.
InterfaceIAutoComplete Defines the interface and settings for Auto Complete, a Productivity feature that helps populate fields by suggesting common or repeated commands based on what you've typed previously.
InterfaceIAutoExpand Defines the interface and configures settings for the Auto Expand Productivity feature.
InterfaceIOfficeTools Defines the interface for the Office Tools Productivity feature.
InterfaceIProductivity Defines the interface for the base Productivity feature.
InterfaceIRecentTyping Defines the interface to the Recent Typing Productivity feature.
InterfaceIScreenHistory Defines the interface for the Screen History feature.
InterfaceISpellCheck Defines the interface for the Spell Check Productivity feature.
StructureAutoExpandDefinition Contains an Auto Expand key-value pair that maps an abbreviation string to an expansion string.
StructureMisspelledWord Contains the attributes of a misspelled word on a host screen.
DelegateAutoCompleteAcceptedEventHandler The event delegate for the Auto Complete suggestion accepted event.
DelegateAutoExpandEventHandler Auto Expand event delegate.
DelegateMisspelledWordEventHandler MisspelledWord event delegate.
EnumerationProductivityOverwriteOption Enumeration of replace word overwrite values that are used to configure Auto Expand and Auto Complete.
EnumerationSpellingLanguage Specifies the main language dictionary to use to review the spelling of words, if the Spell Check engine supports multiple languages.
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