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IAutoComplete Interface Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by IAutoComplete.

Public Properties
 PropertyAutoCompleteOverwriteGets or sets how to treat text that follows a completion.  
 PropertyCompleteAndContinueGets or sets a value indicating whether to wrap completed text to ensuing input fields if it's too long to fit in the original field.  
 PropertyEnabledGets or sets a value indicating whether to enable Auto Complete in the session.  
 PropertyEnableDataPersistenceGets or sets a value indicating whether suggestion data is persisted to the session file.  
 PropertyIsCaseSensitiveGets or sets a value indicating whether to complete words on a case-sensitive basis.  
 PropertyIsDictionaryEmptyGets a value indicating whether suggestion data for the Auto Complete dictionary is available (if false) or not (if true).  
 PropertyIsSuggestionPerScreenGets or sets a value indicating whether suggestions are generated from all screen data (if true) or if they are field-dependent (if false).  
 PropertyMaxSuggestionsGets or sets the maximum number of suggestions (between 1-10).  
 PropertyMaxWordLengthGets or sets the maximum length of words that can potentially be auto-completed. Longer words are ignored by Auto Complete. The range of valid values is 20-200 characters.  
 PropertyMinimumWordLengthGets or sets the minimum number of characters (between 1-10) that must be typed before suggestions are offered.  
 PropertyParentGets the parent object (IProductivity).  
Public Methods
 MethodClearSuggestionsRemoves all previous session suggestion data.  
Public Events
 EventDictionaryChangedRaised when an Auto Complete dictionary entry is added or removed.  
 EventSuggestionAcceptedRaised when a word is completed (a suggestion is accepted).  
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