InfoConnect for Unisys
Attachmate.Reflection.Framework Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy

Provides the infrastructure for the API, the entry point to the API (MyReflection), and access to the application via Application objects.

ClassAPINotInitializedException This application exception occurrs when the API service object has not been initialized.
ClassApplication Application represents an instance of InfoConnect.
ClassApplicationClosingEventArgs ApplicationClosing event argument.
ClassMyInfoConnect The MyInfoConnect class is the entry point to the Application Programmer Interface. From this class, create Application objects for new InfoConnect application instances and use its methods to start and stop those instances.
ClassTucNotSupportedException This exception occurs when given API is called in the context of Terminal User Control (TUC). There are certain API calls that has been restricted when called from TUC context.
InterfaceIControl IControl interface. A control is a InfoConnect session.
DelegateApplicationClosingEventHandler Delegate for ApplicationClosingEvent.
EnumerationApplicationCloseOption ApplicationCloseOption indicates how to handle the Save action when closing the InfoConnect application.
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