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Attachmate.Reflection.Emulation.T27 Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
InterfaceIFileTransfer Properties, methods, and events for T27 file transfer
InterfaceIT27Screen Defines the interface for the API screen object supporting T27 terminal connections.
InterfaceIT27Terminal T27 Terminal Object
EnumerationCarriageReturnInterpretationOption Defines options for carriage return interpretation in T27 terminals.
EnumerationClearKeyInFormsOption Defines options for Clear key interpretation in T27 forms.
EnumerationDC1FunctionOption Defines options for DC1 character interpretation in T27 terminals.
EnumerationDC2FunctionOption Defines options for DC2 character interpretation in T27 terminals.
EnumerationFileTransferTypeOption Specifies the transfer protocol that will be used for a T27 session.
EnumerationLineFeedInterpretationOption Defines options for line feed interpretation in T27 terminals.
EnumerationLocalFileExistsOption Options for file transfer behavior/what to do when the local file already exists
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