InfoConnect for Unisys
BypassPrinterDriver Property

Gets or sets whether raw data is sent directly to your printer, bypassing the Windows printing interface.
Property BypassPrinterDriver As Boolean
Dim instance As IPrinting
Dim value As Boolean
instance.BypassPrinterDriver = value
value = instance.BypassPrinterDriver
bool BypassPrinterDriver {get; set;}

Property Value

When True, output is sent directly to your printer.

When False (the default value), output is sent to the currently selected printer driver.


If you're bypassing Windows printing to a PostScript printer, the results may not be as you expect. PostScript printers are controlled by PostScript commands, which are typically sent to the printer from a PostScript printer driver. When you bypass this driver, one of two things will happen:

  • If the printer has built-in PostScript codes that are used when no driver can be found, your output may print in the font determined by the printer's defaults.
  • If your printer depends on the driver for PostScript codes, then nothing (not even a blank page) will be printed when you click this check box.

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