InfoConnect for Unisys
AutoFormFeed Property (IPrinting)

Gets or sets whether an automatic formfeed is performed when any portion of display memory is printed.
Property AutoFormFeed As Boolean
Dim instance As IPrinting
Dim value As Boolean
instance.AutoFormFeed = value
value = instance.AutoFormFeed
bool AutoFormFeed {get; set;}

Property Value

The default value is True.

Display memory is a log of what has recently been sent from the host to the PC. It contains both what is visible on the display and what has scrolled off of the display.

VT terminals have no display memory. Because display memory is unique to InfoConnect, VMS hosts do not have access to it; the host cannot position the cursor, write to, or otherwise change the display memory contents.

When you first start InfoConnect, both the display and display memory are empty. Once you start working, data starts accumulating on the display. When the display is full and lines begin to scroll off the top, display memory starts to fill up.

Display memory is the same width as the display; its length depends on the amount of memory available to InfoConnect. InfoConnect's default display memory allotment is 64K, or approximately 22 screens. You can configure the size of display memory with the DisplayMemoryBlocks property. For VT emulation, you can disable display memory by setting the MultiplePageTerminal property to False.


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