InfoConnect for Unisys
WRQMPEStream Property

Native POSIX files under version 5.0 of the MPE operating system support a record format known as "stream," which is just a stream of bytes.
Property WRQMPEStream As Boolean
Dim instance As IFileTransfer
Dim value As Boolean
instance.WRQMPEStream = value
value = instance.WRQMPEStream
bool WRQMPEStream {get; set;}

Property Value

The default value is false.
Files created under the POSIX shell or by POSIX programs have this format by default. Files created from the MPE command interpreter or by MPE programs can be stream files. Interoperability between stream files and other record formats is automatic. This means an MPE program can read from a stream file and it will appear to be a traditional variable-length record file, and a POSIX program will see all files as stream files. MPE does the translation automatically. If you want all files that you send to the host to have the stream format, set this property to True (when you receive files from the host, the WRQ/Reflection protocol automatically detects the record format of the host file and performs the correct translation). When WRQMPEStream is set to False, PCLINK2 defaults to a Fixed record format for ASCII files and a Variable record format for binary files. This property is relevant only for transfers to MPE hosts (that is, when WRQHostSystem is set to WRQMPEFileNamesOption.HP3000). This property is relevant only for transfers that use the WRQ/Reflection protocol. The default value is false.
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