InfoConnect for Unisys
IConnectionSettingsComSerialPort Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IConnectionSettingsComSerialPort.

Public Properties
 PropertyBaudSets the baud rate.  
 PropertyCharDelayGets or sets the time delay (in milliseconds) between characters.  
 PropertyCheckParityGets or sets the parity check state on all received characters, when set to true (the default) and Parity is other than 8/None.  
 PropertyCTSrequiredWhen set to true, InfoConnect transmits only if the RS-232 Clear To Send (CTS) signal is active.  
 PropertyDropDTROnDisconnectWhen set to true (the default), the Data Terminal Ready (DTR) signal is dropped when the connection closes.  
 PropertyDSRrequiredWhen set to true, InfoConnect transmits data only if the RS-232 Data Set Ready (DSR) signal is active.  
 PropertyEnhancedSerialDataComSpecifies the InfoConnect enhanced communications driver (when set to true).  
 PropertyLineDelayGets or sets the time delay (in tenths of a second) between lines.  
 PropertyReceivePacingGets or sets the type of flow control to use for receiving data from the host.  
 PropertySerialPortGets or sets the COM serial port number.  
 PropertyStopBitsGets or sets the number of stop bits that follow each character during data transmission.  
 PropertyTransmitPacingGets or sets the type of flow control to use for transmitting data to the host.  
 PropertyXoffRepeatSpecifies the number of characters that InfoConnect accepts after receiving an XOFF and before sending another XOFF.  
 PropertyXoffTimeoutSpecifies the length of time (in seconds) to wait after sending data and before InfoConnect sends an XOFF character.  
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