InfoConnect for Unisys
TelnetLineMode Property (IConnectingSettingsBestNetwork)

InfoConnect supports line mode and faux line mode for Telnet connections.
Property TelnetLineMode As TelnetLineModeOption
Dim instance As IConnectingSettingsBestNetwork
Dim value As TelnetLineModeOption
instance.TelnetLineMode = value
value = instance.TelnetLineMode
TelnetLineModeOption TelnetLineMode {get; set;}

Property Value

The default value is Never. This value cannot be changed if the connection is open.
Line mode allows InfoConnect to store characters in a buffer until a carriage return is entered. Then, characters are sent to the host one packet at a time (instead of sending a single character as an individual packet).

Line mode is useful for long network delays and may reduce costs on networks that charge on a per packet basis.

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