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Attachmate.Reflection.Web.Msie Namespace / IWebElement Interface / InvokeMember Method / InvokeMember(String,Object[]) Method
The name of the property or method to invoke.
Input parameters.

In This Topic
    InvokeMember(String,Object[]) Method
    In This Topic
    Executes a method (with parameters) defined in the current HTML page.
    Overloads Function InvokeMember( _
       ByVal methodName As String, _
       ByVal parameters() As Object _
    ) As Object
    Dim instance As IWebElement
    Dim methodName As String
    Dim parameters() As Object
    Dim value As Object
    value = instance.InvokeMember(methodName, parameters)


    The name of the property or method to invoke.
    Input parameters.

    Return Value

    The element returned by the function, represented as an Object. If this Object is another HTML element, and you have a reference to the unmanaged MSHTML library added to your project, you can cast it to its appropriate unmanaged interface.
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