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Attachmate.Reflection.Web.Msie Namespace / IWebElement Interface / Extract Method
The text before.
The text after.
If singleLine or not.

In This Topic
    Extract Method (IWebElement)
    In This Topic
    Extracts text that is delimited by pretext and posttext from an HTML text source.
    Function Extract( _
       ByVal pretext As String, _
       ByVal posttext As String, _
       ByVal singleLine As Boolean _
    ) As String()
    Dim instance As IWebElement
    Dim pretext As String
    Dim posttext As String
    Dim singleLine As Boolean
    Dim value() As String
    value = instance.Extract(pretext, posttext, singleLine)


    The text before.
    The text after.
    If singleLine or not.

    Return Value

    The extracted text.
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