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Attachmate.Reflection.Productivity Namespace / IOfficeTools Interface

In This Topic
    IOfficeTools Interface Methods
    In This Topic

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    Public Methods
     MethodActivates the address book application.  
     MethodActivates the e-mail application.  
     MethodCreates a new calendar appointment.  
     MethodCreates a new address book contact.  
     MethodCreates a new e-mail message.  
     MethodCreates a new note.  
     MethodCreates a new calendar task.  
     MethodCreates a new word-processing document.  
     MethodCreates a new word-processing document with graphics.  
     MethodCreates a new word-processing document with a set of graphics.  
     MethodGets the collection of bookmarks in a word-processing template file. The method returns null if the Office Tools assembly does not support the use of templates and bookmarks for word-processing.  
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