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Attachmate.Reflection.Emulation.T27 Namespace / IT27Screen Interface / FindField Method / FindField(Int32,Int32,Int32,FindOption) Method
Start row position.
Start column position.
Length of the field.
The direction of the search.

In This Topic
    FindField(Int32,Int32,Int32,FindOption) Method
    In This Topic
    Locates a field that matches the specified field length, starting from the specified row and column.
    Overloads Function FindField( _
       ByVal startRow As Integer, _
       ByVal startColumn As Integer, _
       ByVal fieldLength As Integer, _
       ByVal findoption As FindOption _
    ) As HostField
    Dim instance As IT27Screen
    Dim startRow As Integer
    Dim startColumn As Integer
    Dim fieldLength As Integer
    Dim findoption As FindOption
    Dim value As HostField
    value = instance.FindField(startRow, startColumn, fieldLength, findoption)


    Start row position.
    Start column position.
    Length of the field.
    The direction of the search.

    Return Value

    A host field that matches the specified field length, or null if it is not found.
    This exception is thrown if the startRow or startColumn parameters are outside the range of valid values: (1 to Rows) or (1 to Columns).
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